Why Once-A-Year?

The primary reason for Once-A-Year Pest Management is you. Our philosophy is that if something can be done Once-A-Year rather than monthly or quarterly, then you benefit. You have more time for yourself, your family and enjoying your life, instead of waiting for someone to come between a 2 - 4 hour window, and put your life on hold. Our punctuality, thoroughness, and personable service will enhance your enjoyment of life, family and property. If at any time during the year a covered pest invades your living space, give us a call and we will promptly eliminate the problem, at no additional cost.

How Once-A-Year?

When it comes to Pest Management in your home, a proactive approach is the best defense. The time to manage your pests is before they get into your home.

That is the reason Avant-Garde Pest Management, offers Once-A-Year Pest Management protection to your home and family. This requires a thorough inspection, plan of action, and implementation that will last the entire year.

Our Once-A-Year Pest Management protection provides highly trained and well-equipped professionals, who will use the best materials and effective placement to assure pests, stay out of your living space. These techniques require time and effort. Doing it right the first time is not a cliché, but our mantra. There are no shortcuts, or easy way to give this type of protection.

That is why Avant-Garde Pest Management was created. Our very name means to be at the forefront of any movement or concept. We care about the health and safety of you, your family, your pets, your home and property.

Our Once-A-Year Pest Management protection, assures that we keep pests at bay and away from the things you value.

You'll Love The Way We Treat Your Home!