What types of rodents does Avant-Garde Pest Management manage?


In Arizona we have several varieties of mice. Mice are carriers of disease and filth, and their presence is never acceptable in your home. Their habits are disgusting.  For one thing, they leave urine trails and droppings that can contaminate food, storage, and living areas of your home. During the inspection process of your home, our trained experts will locate their harborages, entry points, and potential areas of habitation.  We manipulate these areas so they are unattractive to the mice. Our procedures involve an aggressive trapping program that uses the rodents’ natural curiosities and habits against them, quickly removes them from your home, and bars them from getting back in. This rodent service can be part of our protection program.


Avant-Garde Pest Management encounters basically three types of rats in our business in Arizona: Roof rats, Pack rats, and Norway rats.  These rats are found in different regions of Arizona.  With 43 years of rodent management experience, we know that a commitment to thoroughness is paramount to success. During the inspection process of your home, we will identify entry points; potential harborage areas; and inviting food sources.  We will lay out a plan for their elimination to ensure the safety of your family, pets, and structures.

New Rodent Management Tool- Fertility Interruption
Avant-Garde Pest Management has added a major paradigm shift in managing rats. Avant-Garde Pest Management as the name implies, is constantly on the cutting edge of Pest Management. Now we are also targeting fertility as an effective way to manage rat infestations, particularly as we enter the months of citrus production and ripening in Arizona.
We are now offering an effective, humane, environmentally neutral, and sustainable population reduction pest management tool for rats by using bait that interrupts the fertility cycle of female rates and affects the male as well. This EPA Registered, Restricted-Use Product which can only be applied by licensed, Pest Management Professionals is administered in tamper proof, and secured bait stations that contain the liquid bait formulation, which is highly attractive to rats.
This bait speeds up the natural egg loss in females and inhibits sperm production in males.
Our product does not kill rats which normally have around a one year life span. Rat infestations are decreased as the number of offspring is reduced. Fertility Interruption coupled with the effective trapping program which we expertly administer, will manage the current rat population.

Communication and cooperation are vital to rodent management. Avant-Garde Pest Management is extremely dedicated to providing the effort and measures to assure success.


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