What types of termites does Avant-Garde Pest Management manage?


In Arizona we basically have two types of termites: subterranean termites and drywood termites. These termites require different techniques to manage them.

Subterranean termites live basically as the name suggests—“sub” meaning below, and “terrain” meaning in the ground. Basically, these termites live below ground. In an inspection, there are several ways in which subterranean termites disclose their presence. It is common to find shelter tubes coming from the ground along the foundation of the home and up into the wall. These shelter tubes are about the width of a preschool pencil lead. The tubes consist of a mud-like substance which consists of earth, excrement and moisture. Subterranean termites are usually found by an inspection around the foundation. Chances are if you find these shelter tubes around the foundation of your home, you will have subterranean termites within the walls.  Termites feed on cellulose. The cellulose within your walls is found in the wood of the studs, in the paper that covers the sheet rock, and in the sheet rock itself. It is not uncommon for termites to eat the paper off of sheet rock and still have the paint intact on the wall. These sneaky little creatures try hard to not be detected.

In block homes or homes made of brick, termite shelter tubes hang down from the ceiling with the same consistency found around the foundation wall. They are trying to get back to their colony in the ground. The cellulose they are eating is found in the trusses, ceiling sheet rock, and window sills. Their shelter tubes go from the ground to the ceiling in the middle of the brick or block openings, or voids in the middle of the brick.

In Arizona, we have a high presence of subterranean termite activity. Many of the conditions which help them thrive are found in the areas around where our homes are built.  Arizona termites thrive on our desert flora, forests, and citrus groves.  There is, however, a way to manage these little demons. We prefer to use a proactive approach, which means to manage the termites before they get into your home. We will talk about the how, in the next section.

Drywood termites are termites that are not native to Arizona, but have been introduced most likely from the West coast. These termites produce a different type of evidence of their infestation, found after they have attacked the wood of your home. They are usually detected by their push out, or frass, which is basically their excrement. These little pellets, which are concave at six sides, are their feces after they have extracted all the moisture they can from the wood.  Usually, the termites are found in areas where they have pushed this frass out of the wood, and it has accumulated in such an amount that they are detected. Drywood termites are not as common in Arizona as subterranean termites. There are several ways that they can be managed, which we will discuss in the next section.


How does Avant-Garde Pest Management manage termites?


At Avant-Garde Pest Management, we love to treat your home before the invasion of termites. One of the effective methods which we use is a termite baiting system. This noninvasive method is accomplished by placing termite baiting stations in the ground where subterranean termites live--around the perimeter of your home. Subterranean termites are constantly foraging for food, so we place the bait stations around the foundation of your home, hidden below the grass line or landscaping, not to be seen above the ground. We use the Advance Termite Baiting System, and have found this system to be the most effective and inviting bait station available in the United States. The stations are placed to a depth where the termites are foraging. When they strike a station, they consume bait which prevents them from continuing to their next stage of growth (molt).  We will explain this process to you during the inspection of your home. This baiting system can be used as both a preventative and corrective measure in controlling or managing the termites around your home. This does not require any drilling into your sidewalks or walls around the perimeter of your home, but instead places the bait at the level where they eat, before coming into your home.

Another effective way in which Avant-Garde Pest Management can treat your home for termites is through a perimeter treatment around the foundation of your home using a liquid termiticide. We use the product Termidor. When Termidor was endorsed at the beginning of the 21st century, we attended the introduction of this product to Arizona.  In fact, Avant-Garde Pest Management was certified and approved to use this product the first day that it was available in Arizona. This new technology and chemistry assures success 100% the time.

When it comes to managing drywood termites, depending on the location and severity of the problem, we usually treat these locally. We will treat the areas where they are known to exist and are living. This is accomplished by placing the termiticide in the exact area that they are living and feeding. We use the most effective termiticide to allow the termites to be exposed, travel through the treatment, and allow their behavior to spread it throughout the colony. We explain how this is done following the inspection on your home.

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